Monday 12th
8,30 - 10,30 Registration
10,30 - 11,00 Welcome and Opening Address
11,00 - 11,30 Coffee Break
11,30 - 12,30 Plenary lecture
Chair: Fioravante Patrone
Room: Dama d'Elx
Role for Game Theory in contemporary conflicts and cooperation over natural resources
12,40 - 13,30 Parallel Sessions
Bargaining Problems
Chair: Haruo Imai
Room: Palmeral

3.1 A lexicographical equitable solution for multicriteria bargaining games
Luisa Monroy, Amparo M. Mármol, Victoriana Rubiales

3.2 Solution for bargaining problems under a deadline
Haruo Imai

Social Networks
Chair: Daniel Gómez
Room: Misteri

22.2 Exploitation and cooperation in networks
Miguel A. Meléndez-Jiménez, Andrea Galeotti

22.1 Cohesiveness of groups in communication situations
Daniel Gómez, Enrique González-Arangüena, Conrado Manuel, Mónica del Pozo

Non Cooperative - 1
Chair: Henk Norde
Room: Vinalopó

14.1 On an extension of the poker model of von Neumann
Marcel Dreef, Ben van der Genugten, Peter Borm

14.2 Sharing a cake
Julio González-Díaz, Henk Norde, Peter Borm

13,30 - 15,30 Lunch
15,40 - 17,00 Parallel Sessions
Chair: Emilio Calvo
Room: Palmeral

15.2 Payoffs-dependent balancedness
Vincent Iehlé

15.3 The extended core of a cooperative NTU game
Hans Keiding, Yaroslavna Pankratova

15.1 Single NTU-value solutions
Emilio Calvo

ORG - 1
Chair: Marina Núñez
Room: Misteri

16.4 Balancedness of infinite assignment games
Natividad Llorca, Joaquín Sánchez-Soriano, Stef Tijs, Judith Timmer

16.6 Cooperation between multiple newsvendors with service constraints
Ulas Ozen, Nesim Erkip, Marco Slikker

16.5 A note on the nucleolus and the kernel of the assignment game
Marina Núñez

Power Indices and Financial Applications
Chair: Gianfranco Gambarelli
Room: Dama d'Elx

17.2 Indirect control of corporations
Nando Prati

17.3 Power Indices in games with abstention and absence
Nando Prati

17.1 Portfolio selection and sharing control
Gianfranco Gambarelli

Non Cooperative - 2
Chair: Judith Timmer
Room: Vinalopó

12.2 Learning by example: A bi-population approach
Andre Rossi de Oliveira, Gil Riella

14.6 Existence of approximate Pareto equilibria in multicriteria games
Lucia Pusillo, Fioravante Patrone, Stef Tijs

14.8 Coordination mechanisms for inventory control in serial and distribution systems
Judith Timmer, Henk Zijm

17,00 - 17,30 Coffee Break
17,30 - 18,30 Plenary lecture
Chair: Ignacio García Jurado
Room: Dama d'Elx
Minimum cost spanning tree games: the Bird-core and monotonic allocation rules
18,40 - 20,00 Parallel Sessions
Session in Spanish - 1
Chair: Manuel Pulido
Room: Palmeral

20.8 Spanish Power Market as a uniform price auction model with continuous bid functions
Julia Sancho, Juan Aparicio, Ana Meca

20.1 Revenue equivalence conditions in a duopolistic and asymmetric electricity market
Estrella Alonso, Juan Tejada

20.2 Allocating fixed cost in an organisation via data envelopment analysis
Juan Aparicio, Jesús T. Pastor

Solution Concepts in CG - 1
Chair: Justo Puerto
Room: Misteri

23.2 Compromise solutions based on bankruptcy
Ruud Hendrickx, Marieke Quant, Peter Borm, Peter Zwikker

23.4 An LP approach to compute the pre-kernel for cooperative games
Holger I. Meinhardt

23.6 Solution concepts in partially ordered and set-valued cooperative games
Justo Puerto, Francisco R. Fernández

Game Practice - 1
Chair: Regis Deloche
Room: Dama d'Elx

5.2 Stable profit sharing in patent licensing: An application of cooperative games with coalition structures
Shigeo Muto, Naoki Watanabe

10.11 The senatorial election in Spain
Victoriano Ramírez González

10.4 French bankruptcy legislation and its reform: A game-theoretic analysis of a point of procedure
Regis Deloche, Bertrand Chopard

Matching Markets
Chair: Flip Klijn
Room: Vinalopó

13.1 Pricing and matching with limited buyer mobility
Massimo A. De Francesco

13.2 On random paths to stability in couples markets
Flip Klijn, Bettina Klaus

20,00 - Welcome to Elx

Tuesday 13th
9,15 - 11,00 Parallel Sessions
Auctions - 1
Chair: Juan Tejada
Room: Palmeral

1.2 Pure equilibrium strategies in multiple-unit auction games
Michal Bresky

1.3 Properties of private-value uniform-price auctions with a reservation price
Michal Bresky

1.6 A revenue equivalence result in a duopolistic electricity market
Juan Tejada, Estrella Alonso

ORG - 2
Chair: Rodica Branzei
Room: Misteri
16.2 Job scheduling and cooperation
Pedro Calleja, Peter Borm, Herbert Hamers, Arantza Estévez-Fernández

16.3 On the core of multiple longest traveling salesman games
Arantza Estévez-Fernández, Peter Borm, Herbert Hamers

16.7 Pairwise solutions and the core of transportation situations
Joaquín Sánchez-Soriano, Manuel A. Pulido, Elisenda Molina

16.1 Bankruptcy problems and mincost flow problems
Rodica Branzei, Giulio Ferrari, Vito Fragnelli, Stef Tijs

Game Practice-2 EVG
Chair: Mika Widgrén
Room: Dama d'Elx

10.2 European Convention versus Nice Treaty
E. Algaba, J.M. Bilbao, J.R. Fernández

10.8 What determines EU decision-making?: Needs, power or both?
Heikki Kauppi, Mika Widgren

10.14 Inter-institutional power in the EU
Mika Widgren, Stefan Napel

Coalition Formation
Chair: María Montero
Room: Vinalopó

4.1 Bargaining and coalitions in a thin market
Matteo Maria Galizzi

4.4 Applying the MACBETH technique to coalition formation
Agnieszka Rusinowska, Marc Roubens, Harrie de Swart

4.3 A consensus model of decision-making in committees and coalition formation
Agnieszka Rusinowska, Patrik Eklund, Harrie de Swart

4.2 Coalition formation with other-regarding preferences
María Montero

11,00 - 11,30 Coffee Break
11,30 - 12,30 Plenary lecture
Chair: Carmen Herrero
Room: Dama d'Elx
Using and abusing Game Theory in practice
12,40 - 13,30 Parallel Sessions
Preferences and Rationality
Chair: Thommy Perlinger
Room: Palmeral

18.1 Testing, holdup and the dynamics of preferences
Concepción Peñarrubia, Gonzalo Olcina

18.2 Single-peaked compatible preference profiles: Some combinatorial results
Thommy Perlinger, Sven Berg

Game Practice - 3
Chair: Vito Fragnelli
Room: Dama d'Elx

10.10 Game Theory applications to mobile resources management
M. José Pérez-Tomás, Joaquín Sánchez-Soriano

10.6 Skill in insurance policies
Vito Fragnelli, María E. Marina

Non Cooperative - 3
Chair: M.Gloria Fiestras-Janeiro
Room: Vinalopó

14.7 The glocal equilibrium: Simultaneous individual and group selection
Marcus Salomonsson

14.5 A characterization of maxmin strategies for strategic games
M.A. Mosquera, I. García-Jurado, M.G. Fiestras-Janeiro, Peter Borm

13,30 - 15,30 Lunch
15,40 - 17,00 Parallel Sessions
Auctions - 2
Chair: Federico Weinschelbaum
Room: Palmeral

1.4 Efficient jump bidding
Fabio Michelucci, Ángel Hernando-Veciana

1.7 The effect of corruption on bidding behavior in first-Price auctions
Federico Weinschelbaum, Leandro Arozamena

Chair: Carmen Herrero
Room: Misteri

2.1 The constrained award-loss families for bankruptcy problems
Carlos González-Alcón, Mercedes Alemán-Jiménez

2.3 The equal award principle in problems with constraints and claims
Leticia Lorenzo, Gustavo Bergantiños

2.2 Egalitarian rules in claims problems with indivisible goods
Carmen Herrero, Ricardo Martínez

Game Practice - 4 UGT
Chair: Ignacio García-Jurado
Room: Dama d'Elx

10.5 Sampling theory and Shapley value
J. Puerto, F.R. Fernández, J.A. Mayor-Gallego, M.J. Zafra

10.9 Application of the Shapley value to microarray data analysis
Fioravante Patrone, Stefano Moretti

10.7 An axiomatic approach to density estimation using Game Theory
Ignacio García-Jurado, Luciano Méndez-Naya, César Sánchez-Sellero

Non Cooperative - 4
Chair: Amparo Urbano
Room: Vinalopó

14.3 Noisy evolution in normal form games
Christoph Kuzmics

14.9 Markets with complementarities and mixed-bundling pricing
Amparo Urbano, Iván Arribas

14.10 Communication through noisy channel
Amparo Urbano, Penélope Hernández, José Vila

17,00 - 17,30 Coffee Break
17,30 - 18,50 Parallel Sessions
Session in Spanish - 2
Chair: Dolors Llongueras
Room: Palmeral

20.6 On the core of production-inventory games
Luis Guardiola, Ana Meca, Justo Puerto

5.1 The multilinear extension and the symmetric coalition Banzaf value
Francesc Carreras, José M. Alonso-Meijide, M.Gloria Fiestras-Janeiro

20.7 Partnerships and Shapley value in cooperative games
Dolors Llongueras, Antonio Magaña

Solution Concepts in CG - 2
Chair: J. Mario Bilbao
Room: Misteri

23.3 Large sets for cooperative games
Javier Martínez de Albéniz, Carles Rafels

23.5 The Myerson value as a barycentre
Arsen Palestini

23.1 Probabilistic values for bicooperative games
J. Mario Bilbao, J.R. Fernández, N. Jiménez, J.J. López

Spanning Tree Games
Chair: Gustavo Bergantiño
Room: Dama d'Elx

24.2 The exante incentive compatible core of the minimum cost spanning tree game
Yusuke Kamishiro

24.1 Defining rules in cost spanning tree problems through the canonical form
Gustavo Bergantiños, Juan Vidal-Puga

24.3 Realizing efficient outcomes in cost spanning tree problems
Juan Vidal-Puga, Gustavo Bergantiños

Games with information
Chair: Diego Moreno
Room: Vinalopó

11.1 A unified approach to information, knowledge and stability
Xiao Luo, Yi-Chung Cheng

11.3 Overcoming free riding in multiple-party computations: The Anonymous case
Rann Smorodinski, Moshe Tennenholtz

11.2 Uniform continuity of the value for zero-sum games with differential information
Diego Moreno, Ezra Einy, Ori Haimako, Benyamin Shitovitz

19,00 - Visit to Elx

Wednesday 14th
9,15 - 10,30 Parallel Sessions
Evolutionary GT
Chair: Alex Possajennikov
Room: Palmeral

9.1 Altruism, egoism and group cohesion in a local interaction model
José A. García

9.2 Social capital accumulation and the organization dynamics
Paloma Zapata

9.3 Evolutionary stability of constant consistent conjectures
Alex Possajennikov

Cooperative Games - 1
Chair: A. Jiménez-Losada
Room: Misteri

6.4 Max-convex decompositions for cooperative TU games
Francesc Llerena, Carles Rafels

6.5 Symmetric convex games and stable structures
Henk Norde, Marco Slikker

6.3 Convexity properties for interior operator games
A. Jiménez-Losada, C.Chacón, E. Lebrón, J.M. Bilbao

Game Practice -5 UGT
Chair: Emanuela Randon
Room: Dama d'Elx

10.1 Evaluating alternatives to the Spanish National Hydrological Plan
José Albiac, Michael Hanemann, Javier Calatrava, Javier Uche

10.13 On capturing oil rents with a national excise tax revisited
Santiago J. Rubio

10.12 Measuring Nash equilibrium consumption externalities
Emanuela Randon

Differential Games
Chair: Luca Grilli
Room: Vinalopó

7.3 Interactions between government and firms: A differential game approach
Jorge Navas, Jesús Marín-Solano

7.2 A Stackelberg differential game with overlapping generations
Luca Grilli

10,30 - 11,00 Coffee Break
11,00 - 12,00 Plenary lecture
Chair: Vito Fragnelli
Room: Dama d'Elx
Interactive epistemology in the extensive and normal form
12,10 - 13,30 Parallel Sessions
Session in Spanish - 3
Chair: Francesc Carreras
Room: Palmeral

20.4 Allocations based on marginal contributions to evaluate connectivity in graphs
José M. Giménez, Rafael Amer

20.5 Cooperative games modified by oriented structures
José M. Giménez, Antonio Magaña, Rafael Amer

20.3 An analysis of linear games with consensus
Josep Freixas, Francesc Carreras

Cooperative Games - 2
Chair: Josep M. Izquierdo
Room: Misteri

6.7 A decomposition principle in cost games
Francisco Sánchez-Sánchez

6.8 Stability of the core in chain-component additive games
Bas van Velzen, Herbert Hamers, Tamás Solymosi

6.2 Regular population monotonic allocations schemes
Josep María Izquierdo

Dynamic Games - 1
Chair: Vicente Calabuig
Room: Vinalopó

8.3 Social dilemmas and the exploitation of common resources: A dynamical analysis
Fabio Lamantia, Gian-Italo Bischi

8.5 Self regulation with reputation in the members
Miguel Vargas, Javier Núñez, Guillermo Díaz

8.2 Does cultural transmission solve the conflict between efficiency and risk-dominance?
Vicente Calabuig, Gonzalo Olcina

13,30 - 15,30 Lunch
15,40 - 16,30 Parallel Sessions
Social Choice
Chair: William S. Zwicker
Room: Palmeral

21.1 On continuity of Arrovian social welfare functions
Kari Saukkonen, Hannu Salonen

21.2 The role of the mean and of the median in Social Choice Theory
William S. Zwicker

Cooperative Games - 3
Chair: Carles Rafels
Room: Misteri

6.1 Cooperative fuzzy games arising from economic situations
Emiko Fukuda, Shin-ichi Ishihara, Shigeo Muto, Stef Tijs, Rodica Branzei

6.6 The Bohm-Bawerk horse market: A cooperative analysis
Carles Rafels

Dynamic Games - 2
Chair: Leon Petrosyan
Room: Vinalopó

8.1 Schelling’s dynamic models of segregation: A cellular automata approach
Juan M. Benito, Penélope Hernández

8.4 Complete class of subgame perfect NE in games with perfect information
Leon Petrosyan

16,30 - 17,00 Coffee Break
17,00 - 18,00 Plenary lecture
Chair: Elisenda Molina
Room: Dama d'Elx
Consistency in values
18,00 - 18,30 Closing Ceremony
20,30 Social Dinner